Writing from the Inside: Prose Poem 2006

Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

Writing from the inside.  I say I hear a voice.  Holding my breath to hear myself.  Takes some concentration.  Always something else going on in there.  Concentrate on the voice you hear.  You cannot tell when it is going to break off our voice over the voice you are following.  It is a joy to be with myself at this moment.  Even with the erratic typing.  Some of it is under control.  Maybe this is how all those people write novels, write prose.  I can even see in my mind some things. vague, undefined, I say.  I am always saying – so there must be a transcript in here.  In the in of the in here.


Had to break to rest my arms.  And I can backspace and delete anytime I want.  There are no rules to this game in advance, so I can, I notice, make them up as I go along and change them.  She is wrong on that one -- you can change the rules in the middle of the game and have it still be the same game as long as you make the rules up as you go along instead of making them up before you start and try to stick with them like trying to make the past the template of the present just because you are more secure in it  changes the present changes as you go along and you can always change the past I am curious how long I can typo without stopping even to stop to go over the text I have already written I can stop to comment on the process any time I want to I mean I can divert my attention from the simple forward thrust of words as I go along to the tangents that present themselves to my mind as I write without being too concerned about losing the thread as I try to correct course or go back when I get off track if that means anything at all since the track is formed as I speak with myself in my own voice in my own mind through my tingling fingers as my shoulders even get a little tired as I just keep on typing whatever words come into my mind without looking at the screen to see what I am writing I need to take a break for a moment...


I got nothing, ma, to live up to.