Issue 3, Winter 2015

 "Happiness" by Kora Bales, graphite, 2015"

The Wildcat Review is an online journal of poetry published by members of the Western Nevada College community in Carson City, Nevada.

We at The Wildcat Review were saddened to hear of the death of Christopher Mulrooney on Thursday, July 23, 2015, due to heart failure. We are honored to be able to publish in this issue some of this accomplished and subtle poet's last work.

Doug Barrett
Joliene Dexter
Chad McCully
Web Publisher
Henry Weiner
Editor Emeritus


Bill Costley is a poet, playwright, journalist & blogger. (  b. 21 May 1942 in Salem, Ma. Educated at St. John's Prep, Danvers, Ma, Boston College, Boston University. Chapbooks: Knosh I Cir, A(y)s(h)a, Terrazzo, Siciliconia.  Now living in Santa Clara, Ca.

His books include All the Verbs for Knowing (Black Rock Press), Trying to Be Round (Singular Speech Press), and Curved like an Eye (Ahsahta Press). He has been writer-in-residence for the Montana Arts Council, the Nebraska Arts Council, the New Mexico Arts Division, Spokane Community College, Southern Utah University, and the Washington State Arts Commission. He has received fellowships and awards from the Nevada Arts Council (2006), Washington Poets Association (1993), and the National Endowment for the Humanities (1986). He was state finals judge for the Nevada Poetry Out Loud competition.


Peter Sherburn-Zimmer. Current Bio: Butterfly, anarchist, pacifist, agnostic. Slum kid with a Ph.D.  Former academic, retired SF this time since 93, 1st time 67; 1st poem, 1963...some degrees. Some friends. Then 3 children.  2 poetry books [Selected Poems, 2004-1005 and Approximations] and Poetry: Open to Interpretation [on Wallace Stevens].  Former recluse. Published in anthologies and broadsides by Rothenberg [Jerome], Vince Storti, Ronald Sauer & Rebecca Peters, Fanny Renior, Neeli Cherkovski, SF Public Library.  Just likes to write, listen to his friends and read... and talk to people on the bus.

is the author of two books of poetry, Book Made of Forest (winner of the Crashaw Prize) and The Weeds. He frequently collaborates with visual artists and is a member of the interdisciplinary public art group Unmanned Minerals, whose work explores how language mediates landscape. Co- recipient of the 2015 Nevada Arts Council Artists Fellowship Award for literary arts, Jared teaches at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, Nevada, where he co-directs the SNC Poetry Center.
writes poetry. He has done so under the lights of the Empire State Building, and across the Thames, facing the London Eye. He believes in the power of love, and words, and not much else.
co-recipient of the 2015 Nevada Arts Council Artists Fellowship Award for literary arts, is a professor with the MFA in Creative Writing program at Sierra Nevada College, and is the adviser to the Sierra Nevada Review literary magazine. Laura’s first book, A Map Predetermined and Chance (Fence Books 2011), was selected by C.S. Giscombe for the 2010 National Poetry Series.
is the author of toy balloons (Another New Calligraphy), alarm (Shirt Pocket Press), supergrooviness (Lost Angelene), and Buson orders leggings (Dink Press).

Joliene Dexter, co-editor of The Wildcat Review, is originally from Southern California and has lived in Nevada for the past twenty years.  In 1998, she earned her B.A. in English Writing and Art (sculpture) from the University of Nevada, Reno. For seven years now, she’s been an English tutor at Western Nevada College.  In the spring of 2011 and 2012, she had four poems exhibited at the College’s literary art show.  Currently, she is completing and revising her first collection of poems for future publication.   

Doug Barrett, co-editor of The Wildcat Review, grew up in Oakland and Davis, California and received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Washington.  He teaches English at Western Nevada College.  His poetry has appeared in Western Nevada College’s literary exhibits for the past three years.  He received an honorable mention in the Nevada Arts Council’s artist fellowship competition for 2012.  Barrett is a member of Ash Canyon Poets.