Issue 2, Winter 2014

“Ram” by Laura Barrett, batik

The Wildcat Review is an online journal of poetry published by members of the Western Nevada College community in Carson City, Nevada.

Doug Barrett
Joliene Dexter
Chad McCully
Web Publisher
Henry Weiner


Marilee Swirczek, Professor Emeritus, has taught literature and writing at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu and California State University, Sacramento, before joining the faculty at Western Nevada College in 1989, where she served as English/Foreign Languages Chair and Lead Faculty for Communication & Fine Arts. She founded Lone Mountain Writers (1991) and was recognized as Humanities Scholar, Nevada Humanities Committee (2003); WNC Instructor of the Year (1990-91), UCCSN Outstanding Faculty (1995-98); and Distinguished Nevadan (2001). Active in community affairs, she served on the Carson City Board of Supervisors (1987-89), writes an opinion column for the Nevada Appeal, serves on the Capital City Arts Initiative Advisory Board and presents poetry and writing workshops. She stewards the on-going national traveling exhibition Always Lost: A Meditation on War, an arts and humanities project that originated in her creative writing class in 2009. In 2012 she received a Medal of Honor from the Daughters of the American Revolution for her contribution to the nation through her work on Always Lost. A Pennsylvania native, Swirczek has lived in Nevada since 1978.


Mary Nork has lived in Reno, Nevada for all her adult life--as a parent, wife, teacher, school counselor and student, always.


Joe Crowleyis retired from a career as professor and administrator at the University of Nevada, Reno.  He is the author of books and essays on the college presidency and related subjects, and of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s centennial history (In the Arena, 2006).  He continues writing in retirement, mostly poetry, some published.


Peter Sherburn-Zimmer. Current Bio: Butterfly, anarchist, pacifist, agnostic. Slum kid with a Ph.D.  Former academic, retired SF this time since 93, 1st time 67; 1st poem, 1963...some degrees. Some friends. Then 3 children.  2 poetry books [Selected Poems, 2004-1005 and Approximations] and Poetry: Open to Interpretation [on Wallace Stevens].  Former recluse. Published in anthologies and broadsides by Rothenberg [Jerome], Vince Storti, Ronald Sauer & Rebecca Peters, Fanny Renior, Neeli Cherkovski, SF Public Library.  Just likes to write, listen to his friends and read... and talk to people on the bus.

Virginia Starrett is a poet, writer, English instructor, wife and mother (not necessarily in that order). Past publications include poems in Negative Capability and Seven South Coast Poets. For a decade (and prior to its demise), she was managing editor of The South Coast Poetry Review. Her writing is a part of Always Lost: A Meditation on War, a traveling exhibit honoring the American military's sacrifices and service, and, as a current member of Lone Mountain Writers, she is hard at work on her third novel.


Bill Costley is a poet, playwright, journalist & blogger. (  b. 21 May 1942 in Salem, Ma. Educated at St. John's Prep, Danvers, Ma, Boston College, Boston University. Chapbooks: Knosh I Cir, A(y)s(h)a, Terrazzo, Siciliconia.  Now living in Santa Clara, Ca.


Bill Morgan was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1976. He is a writer, artist, and photographer. His first collection of poetry, When We Awaken, was published in 2000. He currently lives in Carson City, NV.

Henry Weiner, co-editor of The Wildcat Review, was born in Boston in 1942, graduated from Suffolk University with his BA and his MA from the University of Maine. Weiner put in postgraduate time at UNR, Arizona State University, and Sierra Nevada College. In 1958, Weiner was the All New England Judo Champion (Shufu Yudanshakai). His other achievements include playing the classical guitar, writing two plays, poetry, and short stories.

Doug Barrett, co-editor of The Wildcat Review, grew up in Oakland and Davis, California and received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Washington.  He teaches English at Western Nevada College.  His poetry has appeared in Western Nevada College’s literary exhibits for the past three years.  He received an honorable mention in the Nevada Arts Council’s artist fellowship competition for 2012.  Barrett is a member of Ash Canyon Poets.