What Box?

Krista Lukas

The Superintendent
wants to improve
our program, research
how it’s done
in other districts.
We don’t have to
reinvent the wheel,
she says. It’s time
to think outside the box.
What box? I want to ask.
Are we in a box,
and are we thinking
inside it? Because
I see no box
and no thinking, actually.
Does one ever think
inside a box?
Would it not be cramped?
In fact, how about
thinking inside a box?
That would be different.
I think I’ll propose that.
I propose that we think
inside boxes—about wheels
and not reinventing them.
Or, if the Superintendent
prefers, we could stand
outside our boxes,
with our wheels, and think
about them—but not
reinvent them, because
they’re already invented.
In fact, forget standing,
we could sit back
and enjoy our wheels
outside our boxes.
We could even
put the wheels
on our boxes,
since we are outside them,
and they aren’t
weighed down
by us. Yes!
We could
put the wheels
we didn’t reinvent
on the boxes
we’re thinking outside of,
and they could roll
away, of their own accord,
because we’re thinking
outside the box,
not inside it.
And we don’t
have any ideas.