I'm Right about Time

Laura Wetherington

Who can use words untruthfully enough To build eternity inside his own short mouth. —Laura Riding


Time was immemorial

and in between a time


time was mean all the while

mean and while and time was


we was children.

Time was we was virgins.


Time was fast forward.

Children fly out of the mouths of children.


Young girls grow bark which we have to peel away.

Children fly out of my mouth and peel away.


I wish I had a magic carpet and children.

We all flew from mouths.


You swore you was from the womb of a woman.

Mouths flew out of my mouth and peeled away.


Time was a timid body.  I say timid.

Time was less fruit and fruitful in between.


Time wasted.  I was an apple in the end.

How long does it take time to age?  It's ageless.


And what would be your favorite time

and want would be and immemorial.


Time was and time wasn't. 

Time wasn't.  That's what it was.


Meanwhile, time I memorized.

The breathing was tight.  Time opened up the night in my diaphragm.


            From A Map Predetermined and Chance