Egg Sandwich

John Mecca

Reading comic books,
Ennis and Robertson, The Boys;
Four-color super violence.

I take a bite of my sandwich
after a drag from the cigarette,
Eggs, mayonnaise and smoke;
Breakfast of Champions.

The corn cob sits off to the right,
edging into view
on top of a copy of Dylan Dog.

Halogen surrounds us,
myself and these fixtures,
while, outside
winter does its best impression of a woman,
makes me unsure of the heat in the room.

Then I think of Her again, while the refrigerator cycles down,
a few feet from me.  Haven't seen her,
only three days, but,

I don't move.

The sandwich grows colder.

-Her lips hold, "I love you's",
mine try and record them.-

I let the smile loose inside my head,
and in my eyes,
for a moment.

On the street below me,
cars drive past.