consuming a.m.

Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

spinach will be done in 15 minutes

chicken and potatoes will be done in an hour


a curve and a slash

and a dot at a time

inventing a progression

between bright darkness

and the edge


the moment grows out

of the instant—

creation out of nothing

es nihil

it’s nothing

go on to the particular


light on the roof across the way

the times grinding out

its measure of silence

my brain blanking

back to sleep


take another sip

for the caffeine and the taste

and the smooth liquid day

while the lines seem farther apart

the text falls into itself

the spaces between marking

some awesome abyss,

waiting before the next errant stroke


potatoes and chicken and spinach

and silence

the light too heavy through the window


not a note in the sky

no narrative in the transcript

es also means to eat or destroy