Congratulations and Epiphanies

John Mecca

Her eyes linger when her fingers lace his bicep
silent gesture, stings like hell from here
I hear her breath catch
and then she exhales when she settles in.

Little kisses in the elevator show how much they love each other
one of 'em just graduated
the other will in a year or under.

Casino lights and sounds seem like Camelot fanfare
laid on, they leave streamers
play against the colored strands in her hair;
seconds only,
braided there.

She squeezes against him
a lean with only one meaning
she loves him desperately no matter the treatment
she's a genius
Neuroscientist and De Milo,
Kandel and Venus.

She told me something once and I hadn't got the point, see
she said love is one sided,
chemically speaking
reciprocation is unneeded
love is a pull and each one of us feels it
but the one that WE love may never heed us
or they may take a taste, make a face
and politely retreat from it.

Or perhaps they'll just remember,
the person who'd forgotten them
or gotten themselves forgotten
bottom line
when someone LOVES someone
only THAT someone can stop them.

So I watch them;
or you two,
cause I’m sure you’ve gotten the idea it’s about you
good and fucked up, titty bar glitter still stuck on your cuffs
having a blast and deserving every gram of it
I see that look you threw him,
and I thank god that two hours of sleep was enough to get through this,
you love him SO much
it’s both incredible
and kinda fuckin brutal.

Your hands are magnets to him and your past,
as you bash light and smash it into pieces
slot machines get jealous as the two of you weave between them.

I'm not crazy
it’s not in me to lay waste to my brain scheme
for any cause or any lady
even you, Ruca, baby,
though it came close thanks to too much coke
a four hour mid-life crisis,
and the fact that you're amazing.

So two paces back as we carve a path across the mezzanine
I have congratulations in my heart for you
epiphanies in my head for me,
I'm right behind a man and the girl of my dreams and both their wedding rings when
I recollect everything you said,
TOO clearly it seems...

Not a bad deal, really
just got caught up in the thought of
reciprocal feelings.

I light another cigarette
jackpots flash past and tourists buzz, I
sigh and suck it up
fuck it,
you told me once-

-how right you was...